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Some of you may be familiar with the term I came up with called “GodGrind!“. If you spend enough time around me you’ll hear me speak those words at some point. Well,  since it’s inception GodGrind has evolved into (Godgrind100!) and then (Godgrind360!) What has remained consistent is the name which translates to an unstoppable force. Regardless of your faith, religion, or way of life you should be aware of the concept of God as being a higher power or deity type being. The term GodGrind is a mindset for empowerment that implies that on this wavelength you are at your best when performing a certain task or it can be a trigger to get you motivated. However it resonates with you it’s all good. Even if you’re an atheist you’re familiar with the idea whether you believe it or not. It’s what some in my camp would call uploading into the matrix. It’s my effort to upload good vibes into the world. I’ve had a few enlightening conversations from a variety of people due to me wearing the shirt; for instance, the pastor in the grocery store who even gave me an idea or two, to the curious college students at the carry out after leaving the clubs.  I feel it’s something that’ll ignite a spark of upward thought. 

Thanks to my partners at Kokabing I’ll be able to have some more tees available when I give the go ahead. In the meantime I have shirts leftover from the (House of Paint) show in Canada with Deity Dah. EPMD headlined that show. I wish we could have stayed so I could get them a shirt. 

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