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Being a DJ in the “Now Age” can prove to be quite an experience. Thanks to modern technology, specifically the internet, people have access to whatever they can imagine with just a few key strokes. This leads people to feel a sense of entitlement by believing that they don’t have to wait to get what they want and few respect the natural order of things. At least, this is how it seems in popular culture; however, this concept is applicable within the many aspects of life. There’s something to be said about the value of a thing that’s been cultivated, nurtured and given the time and space to develop to it’s fullest potential. With regards to the DJ’ing, it’s the early set to warm the crowd up and build from that point on where you decide to take them on a journey filled with peaks and valleys. One of the fundamental principles that must…should be understood is that your manipulating energy, sort of like an alchemist. The DJ has the power to control the vibe of a room by taking a certain song (energy) and pairing it with another of similar properties. Once that concept is understood one could experiment with other elements, creating compounds (mixes, blends).  There’s a science to the craft just as there’s a science to life. Some practitioners being more proficient with their skillset(s) than others but each playing their part in totality.

    Now I know that in most cases the party goer is not aware or doesn’t care about any of this. All they want is what they want, and they want it right now! “We’re about to leave…can you play my song next?” or “when are you gonna play my song?” “you should play it next…I bet all the people will get up and dance”. “Everybody wants to hear this song”. I think you get the point and don’t get me wrong, at times song request are welcomed but they are not mandatory. If it makes sense, fits in the mix, and you’re respectful in your approach then some DJ’s will oblige you. Trust me, being a nuisance to a DJ or giving the mean face stare down won’t get your song played. Moreover, it may get you escorted from the venue. 

So, respect the process!

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