“How can I move the crowd? First of all, ain’t no mistakes allowed.” – Rakim

When I came up with the crowd control concept I didn’t know we’d be in a  controlled situation due to COVID 19. 

I came up with the idea for crowd control to address some of the issues DJ’s dealt with in nightlife scene. 

It was for the party goers that wanted everything now and would try whatever they could to get the DJ to

play their song because “everyone will dance” or “it’s my best friends birthday”, along with so many reasons

to basically annoy the DJ.

Three years ago a band of brothers joined together to form a DJ super group called The Vintage Crew, five DJ’s with years of experience in the industry from the clubs, radio, and production. The Vintage Crew consist of DJs’ Eskimo, Furious Styles, Dub, Wilchild DNA, & Marc Nfinit. Here’s the story.. (more…)

We party. We have a good time.

It’s said that life is short, so let’s fill it with memorable moments.

Just replied to an interview for @envato community about my new power elite author status. It will be online soon!