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Once again I’ve teamed up with the Great Deity Dah for the 20th anniversary of the Life or Death EP. This was our 1st collab’ on record but our first actual collaboration was entitled (Solids, Liquids, Gases, & Plasma) but was never completed.  This was around ’95-’96 and at the time, I was already in a group called the Ghetto Rustlaz.  Now, on the original (L.O.D) project I provided all the scratches and produced the song called (Middle Passage). This time around I’d played a bigger role as mixer, co-executive producer, and still found the time to lay down some scratches. This is would one from a handful of projects we’ve worked on together. The others included (Cerebral Warfare, the EMFG album, Dr. of Rapmatics, To Take Hip Hop Back Global Alliance, and Declaration of War) For further information on my involvement with The great Deity Dah, Royal Alchemist Productions & other artist stay tuned cause there’ll be more stories as the site evolves.

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